Kevin Love suffered his season ending shoulder injury at the hands of Celtics forwward Kelly Olynyk. Last Sunday during Game 4 of the Cavs-Celtics first round playoff series, Olynyk and Love were battling for a loose ball. Olynyk attempted to keep Love away, and by doing so, pulled Love’s shoulder out of its socket and causing other ligament damage that required Love to have surgery and wait four-to-six months before returning to basketball activities.

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Here’s the play that cost Love this season:

Reports from Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski say that Olynyk has since tried to apologize to Love, but that Love is having none of it:

Gus Chan | The Plain Dealer

Gus Chan | The Plain Dealer

Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk and his representatives have continued to deliver word to Love and people close to him that Olynyk wants to privately apologize to him, sources told Yahoo Sports. Olynyk wants to tell Love personally that he never intended to injure him in Game 4 of that series, that he’s sorry for the shoulder surgery that’ll cost Love six months.

Strangely, Love continues to rebuff Olynyk. He isn’t interested in the call, refusing to ease Olynyk’s guilt. For now, Love is a spectator to this Cavaliers playoff run, a player who is probably more missed on these Cavaliers now than he had ever been appreciated this season.

Olynyk maintains that he didn’t intentionally injure Love, but if you watched the video above, Olynyk’s view becomes a little harder to believe the more you watch the way he injured Love.