In a recent video interview with American Express as part of their Home Court Advantage videos. Kevin Love was asked to come up his personal list of players with the best crossovers. Although he did leave a few of the better names off, Love’s choices were still very respectable.

“Kyrie (Irving) is right there. So shifty and can do so many things with the ball. Derrick Rose, his change of speed and change of direction is unlike any other. Russell Westbrook is right up there because he’s so powerful. You know, those guys are amongst the elite when it comes to handling the ball.”

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Love and Irving play together with the Cleveland Cavaliers while Love and Westbrook were college teammates back at UCLA. All three players do have very sweet crossovers, but Love didn’t mention Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, or Jamal Crawford, which is a bit confusing as they’ve all had much more impressive crossovers than Rose and Westbrook.

You can watch the full video below: