A couple of years ago, Klay Thompson and Kevin Love were rumored to be switching teams. But that did not materialize and Love found his way to Northeast Ohio from Minneapolis. Now, circumstances have brought these two to the NBA Finals where Thompson is looking for domination, while Love is after redemption.

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Several years ago, when these two standouts were still about to hit puberty, they were on the same team playing on a different field. As tweeted by Jen Beyrle of the Oregonian Media Group, Love and Thompson were former teammates in their Little League baseball team back in Oregon (In photo, Thompson sits at the bottom-left, while Love is the big guy standing).

NBA.com’s Shaun Powell talked about these two in his recent article, where Kevin Love shared his impression on his former teammate and current opponent.

Klay was always very soft spoken, very stoic. But he knew he belonged. He had a quiet confidence about him.

On the other hand, Klay Thompson revealed that Love was already someone on their former team.

Kevin was a better player than me, and maybe the best on the team. But he was also older. So he had an edge.

Those were indeed some good old times for Love and Thompson, but now that fate has brought them on opposite sides of the fence, their friendship will have to take a backseat.