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July has been an extremely busy month for the NBA in terms of trades and new player signings. The biggest signing happened with LeBron James returning back to Cleveland earlier this month but perhaps the next big signing could be awaiting the Cavs again. There have been rumors all around the league that Kevin Love could potentially sign with the Cavs and it appears that the trade might finally go down.

According to Brian Windhorst on ESPN Radio, a deal to bring Kevin Love to Cleveland is 99% complete. He further went on to say the “ball is now on the 1 yard line.”

Love has already expressed interest with joining the Cavs already these past few weeks. While there were also a few other teams in contention for Love, it appears the Cavs are closing in on the trade.

{adinserter 2} Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst of ESPN have reported that the Minnesota Timberolves are only talking to the Cavs about Kevin Love. While everything seems to point towards Kevin Love’s arrival in Cleveland, one potential hiccup stands in the way of making the deal happen immediately.

Andrew Wiggins is one of the main pieces that would have to be moved to the Wolves for Kevin Love despite the Cavs unwillingness to trade the #1 pick. However, Wiggins just signed a $5.5 million/year deal with the Cavs and the NBA rules state that the teams have to wait 30 days before officially trading them to another team. This might be a speed bump in what seems like an otherwise very much anticipated trade. Cavs Nation will have to just have to patiently wait but it appears that things could be finalized and a new Big 3 could potentially emerge. A Big 3 that can dominate the league for years to come.