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Cavs News: Kevin Love believes Cavs will stand during National Anthem on season opener

In the last couple weeks, politics and sports have collided to an uncomfortable extent. However, it has also allowed athletes to become activists. For the Cavaliers, LeBron James has been outspoken about how sports should unify people, a message that has spread throughout the NBA and transcended to other leagues.

James mentioned in media day that he believes in vocalizing his activism; he included a reference to the movement’s leader Colin Kaepernick when he said his “voice is louder than my knee.” With the NBA season just a couple weeks away, fans want to know how (and if) players plan to protest like their athletic colleagues in the NFL. ¬†Cavaliers Forward Kevin Love was asked about what the Cavaliers plan to do, to which he admits the team hasn’t formally discussed the matter.

“We haven’t talked about it [as a team], but we’ve talked about it. I’m sure there will be a common thread throughout, but we’re a close knit team.”

“Come October 17th, I don’t know what would happen, but at least as an NBA community we’ll all stand together.”

This may appease many fans distraught by the kneeling protests, but their message will likely resonate with what the NFL has promoted. For Love and the Cavaliers, it’s all about unity. A shared, standing protest between Cleveland and Kyrie Irving’s Boston Celtics would certainly get that message across.

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