With Anderson Varejao out for the remainder of this season (Potentially longer) with a ruptured Achilles, Cavs’ GM, David Griffin, will likely be more aggressive in adding a true Center to the roster. Let’s all be clear: there’s no replacing the Wild Thing. However, it cannot be ignored that Thompson, Kirk, Amundson and Love aren’t fully prepared to accept that role in the Cavs’ system. It would be wise to invest in a Center to serve not only for the remainder of this season, but to become part of the long-term Cavalier core.

Could Kenyon Martin be our man? With the Wild Thing’s services unavailable, the Cavs lose an offense and defensive energy powerhouse, praised for his intangible rebounding and defensive intensity as well as an on-court veteran leader. Martin has been in the NBA for 14 years, and his game can provide a similar supplement of veteran leadership to fill the Cavs “Wild Void.” Martin is also known to spark energy for his team on the floor through high intensity play on both ends of the floor. He also brings to the table a similar ability to protect the rim and crash the boards that are lost without Varejao. His ability to score, pass, and play solid defense are shown in this video. If Kenyon Martin really is “healthy and ready to play,” he may definitely be the man the Cavs need and can reasonably acquire to not only play for this season, but future seasons as well.

Acquiring Kenyon Martin may prove to be an easy task being he’s an unrestricted free agent; but is he really a legitimate option? The Cavs need a big man they can rely on to tip the championship scale in their favor. Kenyon has reported that he’s finally “healthy” and “in shape” after recovering from ankle surgery. Assuming this is true, there is no reason why Martin couldn’t permissibly help fill the void left in the Wild Thing’s wake, but a recent development may suggest the contrary. Last month, the veteran Martin went to a Memphis Grizzlies workout, but apparently didn’t show enough to warrant a contract.

David Griffin is known for his risky and relentless GM tactics. Picking up Kenyon Martin is definitely a reaction to Varejao’s injury, and while it may seem impulsive, it would not contradict with Griffin’s methodology. There is a fair speculation regarding his physical condition, but there’s no real way to tell until he finally laces up and goes to work fresh off of an injury. The Cavs have a chance to put a proven player in a Cleveland jersey at a premium. If a contract is offered, it would likely be short term (no longer than the rest of the season) and inexpensive, taking money left in the aftermath of the Keith Bogans’ trade exception, as well as including an administration extension option to be considered after the contract has expired. There aren’t a lot of teams (probably none) looking to help the Cavs out. With the Cavaliers’ lackluster interior defense, Kenyon Martin may be the highest reward for the lowest amount of risk to fill a practically vacant Center spot on the roster.