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Cavs’ Most Interesting Trade Options Before February Trade Deadline

Channing Frye
5.5PPG – 1.9 RPG – 44.2% FG% – 40.9% 3PFG%

Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

Look at the Cavs front court, oh you’ve already been paying attention to it since this list has no guards? Cool, but look at the usage rates of the players in the front court and their general skill set. Love, while being so much more, is played at the traditional stretch-four position, Thompson is one of the best on the offensive glass since Rodman, and Mozgov… well, he’s a big Russian guy. You may notice that in fact, only one of these three provides consistent offensive threats no matter where he’s on the court, and when Love needs to rest (or when any defensive lineup needs to be played) the forwards are limited to lob-jams or being a post bully. Varejao provides a midrange game but is inconsistent in his health, and there’s no apparent need for Kaun. Enter a stretch 4 signed onto a reasonable deal, willing to come off the bench, and who brings some veteran presence that may help stabilize the volatile locker room. Rumors of Frye’s availability on the market have been circulating since the pre-season, and with the 1-8 stretch the Magic have recently been going through, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Frye moved before the deadline.

Trade: Cavs Send: Anderson Varajao (C) – Orlando Sends: Channing Frye (PF)



The Cavs have one last option they should look, especially after their recent Texas three-step…

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