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Cavs’ Most Interesting Trade Options Before February Trade Deadline

Pau Gasol
16.6 PPG – 6.6 RPG – 46.8% FG% – 34.6% 3PFG%

Nine months ago, Pau to CLE would have been filed under the “never going to happen” category, but rumors of the Bulls shopping Pau, Taj and Noah haven’t gone away. Pau is in my opinion the best true center the Cavs could acquire and for the Chicago Bulls possibly the best option to trade. At just under 8 million a year he fits in the Haywood exception, however more likely he would come with a package deal for Mozgov and pals (I’ve also heard Pau and Taj for Love, but please no). Of any big name trades that the Cavs could pull off, Pau would be the most useful. Unlike other vets, Pau has found a way to play full starter minutes at 35, and produce numbers that make fantasy player salivate. However the biggest draw of trading for Pau would be his shot blocking and post play (You might have noticed, there is a trend with these trade targets).

Tony Dejak | AP

Pau is one of the few trades on this list where I would be completely open to, if not encouraging the use of Mozgov’s contract. Pau would play the same role at a high level, if not better, and would be under contract for another year after this season, giving the Cavs time to find a solution at center that isn’t Tristan Thompson. The Bulls on the other hand would need to be incentivized to enter this trade, but if a third team is added (New York Knicks) and they could ship off Noah as well and receive some picks as well as a younger center under contract for longer, ridding them of the potential exodus of front court talent over the next two years, and providing them a pick(s) as well.

Trade: Cavs Send: Timofey Mozgov (C), Jared Cunningham (Human Victory Cigar) 2018 First Round Pick – Bulls Send: Pau Gasol (C) // Cavs Send Timofey Mozgov (C), Jared Cunningham (G) 2018 First Round Pick (Bulls) Bulls Send: Pau Gasol (C) (Cleveland), Joakim Noah (Knicks) Knicks Send: Robin Lopez (Chicago)



Cavs need bigs who can shoot, and there’s one team they’ve already made a deal with who could be open to a trade…

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