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Cavs’ Most Interesting Trade Options Before February Trade Deadline

HELP WANTED: Shot Blockers Needed, Will Pay Full Time, Inquire Inside.

What the hell is David Griffin thinking!? The Cavs head coaching position has changed faster than you can say “Cleveland Browns” and the tension among the team and front office, as well as the expectations on Tyronn Lue have never been higher. In reality, however, this firing has been predicted by many (Blatt included, according to Peter Vecsey). An argument could be made that, with the locker room having more clique’s than a middle school playground, the Cavs need someone to bring stability and chemistry. Experienced be damned, as the Cavs believe that Tyronn Lue might be that guy. As fans, we won’t know until either the Cavs bring home the chip, or everything explodes again. One thing we do know is that David Griffin is willing to take any risk if it means stabilizing this roster, and if Lue doesn’t make an immediate positive impact on the team, be assured the Cavs will be active members of the trade game this February.

The Cavs declared they were entering the trade game earlier this month when they flipped Joe “The Assassin” Harris to Orlando for cash and a top 55 protected second rounder (that will most likely not convert). Rumor has it almost everyone except LeBron James is on the trade block, several players even thought the meeting to discuss Blatt’s firing was an announcement about Love being traded.

With Griffin willing to do anything to upgrade the roster and maximize talent, upgrades to the bench are almost guaranteed before the deadline if the right package is found. The real question is who these players are, and how with such limited resources the Cavs can swing them.

What can the Cavs offer other teams?

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Before one can talk about what they don’t have, it would be easiest to look at what they do. The Cavs are surprisingly flexible when it comes to assets. Three *TPE’s and a plethora of second rounders/rights to players makes fitting trade together, but it’s the players that are available that could sweeten the pot. Below are a list of the available assets and then a collection of players that have been rumored as available as well.

*Trade Exceptions: Haywood; 10,500,000 / Miller 2,900,000 / Harris 845,000
Picks: LAC 2016 2nd Round pick, 2019 LAL less favorable 2nd Round Pick, MIN 2019 2nd round pick, POR 2020 2nd round pick (top 55 protected), 2017 on First Round Picks
Player Rights of Note: Cedi Osman (Turkey), Sir’Dominic Pointer (Charge), Quinn Cook (Charge)
Player on Trade Block (Rumored): Timofey Mozgov (C), Kevin Love (PF), Jared Cunningham (G), Sasha Khan (PF/C), Anderson Varejao (PF/C), Matthew Dellavedova (G)

DeMarcus Cousins & Dwight Howard – NOT!

Let’s get these out of the way first. These trades are the very top of the “never gonna happen” category. Either one of these guys would significantly improve the Cavs roster, as they are arguably two of the best true center’s in the league. If either of these trades went through, unless more drama unfolds, both would be significant upgrades to the Cavs front court. According to the NBA Trade machine, both could be traded cleanly for just Kevin Love, slotting Tristan Thompson at the starting four-slot, and leaving Mozgov to come off the bench. Here is where you run into your first problem, unless you flip more assets, there is still no backup four (sorry Sasha Khan) but I’ll elaborate more on the following page. Griffin would be foolish to not at least take a second look at these two.

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