The newest member of the New York Knicks, Joakim Noah, has absolutely no love for the city of Cleveland or the Cavaliers. Not only has he repeatedly repeatedly insulted the city of Cleveland, but he’s gotten into it with a lot of LeBron James-led Cavs teams and their fans.

On the Knicks’ first day of training camp, Noah was asked a couple of questions about the Cleveland Cavaliers to start off the interview. Considering the fact that it’s his first time as a member of the Knicks and that, well, he doesn’t like them, that didn’t sit too well with Noah.

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You can still see the bitterness in Noah regarding Cleveland and them actually winning a championship before he has. The way the Cavs are playing, it doesn’t look like anyone in the Eastern Conference will be able to defeat them. However, the Knicks and Pacers have certainly improved, and seeing how each team fares against the Cavs should make for an interesting regular season.