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James Jones questioned his teammates' hearts and desire to win during team meeting

james jones

James Jones may not be seeing a lot of playing time for the Cleveland Cavaliers these days, but he still makes his presence felt by being one of their veteran locker room leaders.

With the Cavs currently struggling and uncharacteristically losing a lot of games, it has been reported by Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com, that they held a team meeting on Monday where Jones was very vocal in questioning his teammates’ hearts and what they really wanted to achieve this season.

“After the Cavs lost their ninth game in 15 tries Monday against the Spurs, 14-year vet James Jones spoke in the locker room, asking rhetorically what the players really wanted out of this season.”

Jones is a 14-year veteran who has won three championships in his career. He is known to be a knock down shooter from beyond the arc but is also not shy to speak his mind when outside the court, in fact, Jones is called by teammates as “Champ” which alludes to his status inside the locker room as one of the more respected veterans for Cleveland.

He is hoping that his strong words will serve as a wake up call to the Cavaliers, who are heading down the wrong direction. Their recent loss to the Bulls compound to the team’s woes and fans can only hope that the Cavs can flip the switch come playoff time.

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