J.R. Smith came through in the clutch last night scoring a few big-time buckets when the Cavs needed them most. There was a catch and shoot three-pointer in there, as well as the two game-sealing free throws at the end, but the play of the night was this sick dribble crossover, spin, step-back jumper over rookie Frank Kaminsky, who clearly had a bit of a disadvantage.

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Smith was asked about the play after the game, and he used a hilarious Shaq reference to describe it.

“Barbecue chicken like Shaq says,” Smith said of the shot. “When you get a big guy on you a lot of people like to go to the mismatch in the post. For me I take it personally.”

What in the world is barbeque chicken referencing here other than food?

The term comes from Shaquille O’Neal, who has made a name for himself as a hilarious anchor/host on the ‘NBA on TNT.’ Shaq uses the term ‘barbeque chicken’ or ‘barbeque chicken alert’ whenever there’s a big mismatch in the game. That’s when the guy with the upper hand should make ‘barbeque chicken’ and roast his opponent by scoring or embarrassing them.

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Smith made good work of Kaminsky, and his late game heroics helped the Cavs win a very tight game they even trailed in where LeBron James had just two fourth-quarter points.