One of the most colorful personalities in the NBA, J.R. Smith certainly knows how to carry himself when it comes to his clothing. Aside from that, his myriad collection of tattoos also adds some flair to his whole physical package.

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With all the ink that has adorned him, it’s already difficult to identify which is which, but Smith has a very interesting story behind his first tattoo which is actually an image of a dunking Vince Carter, per his interview with Vice Sports.

The mercurial shooting guard, covered head to toe in tattoos, revealed in a recent Vice Sport interview that his first ever tat was of Vince Carter dunking.

Smith explains that his mom took him to get inked when he was 16. He put Vinsanity on his right bicep but changed the name and number to match his own.

J.R. Smith is currently known, skill-wise, for his marksmanship from beyond the arc. He is a main contributor to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ current zone from long distance. But when he entered the NBA, Smith was more into playing above-the-rim.

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He initially wore the number 23 for the then-New Orleans Hornets. Smith’s game has evolved in a lot of ways from his early years, but he is still capable of pulling off one or two highlight dunks when you least expected.

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