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J.R. Smith will be busy watching Golf Channel instead of Celtics-Wizards

J.R. Smith

Now that they’ve swept the Toronto Raptors, the Cleveland Cavaliers have an extended period with no games as they await their Eastern Conference Finals opponent. Either the Wizards or Celtics will face the Cavs in the next round but Cleveland isn’t too worried about who they are going to face.

In fact, J.R. Smith isn’t even going to watch the rest of the Celtics-Wizards second-round series. He’s going to watch the Golf Channel instead.

“I watch the Golf Channel,” Smith said. “I don’t watch [Celtics-Wizards] honestly. I try not to.”

The Cavs won the season series against the Wizards 2-1 as well as the series against the Celtics 3-1.

Smith honesty is hilarious but it also shows how much confidence the Cavs are playing with in the postseason.

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