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J.R. Smith Throws Bad Lob Passes To LeBron James On Purpose

The Cavs have had an array of highlight reel dunks to end the season courtesy of LeBron James. After a relatively quiet dunking year for the King, dunks seemed to come out of nowhere after the All-Star Break.

Some of those dunks came on lob passes from J.R. Smith, and they weren’t particularly good ones.

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Dave McMenamin of ESPN spoke with Smith on LeBron James’ leaping ability and his own bad alley-oop passes.

“I mean, he’ll probably go down as the greatest athlete ever,” Smith said. “To be 31 and still doing the things he’s doing, jumping … his dunks have been outrageous.

“Last year, we really couldn’t get to it as much as we wanted to on fast breaks. But lately, he’s been jumping to the moon. People call me the worst best lob thrower on the team, but I purposely do it because I want to see what he can do. And I believe he looks at it like that too, because he looks at it as a challenge.”

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Even Richard Jefferson touched on those passes that Smith actually thinks are really good.

“J.R. swears he throws good lobs,” Jefferson said. “But they’re quite terrible, actually.”

Here are a few of J.R.’s absolutely terrible alley oops that have had some impressive finishes by LeBron.

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