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J.R. Smith responds to fans’ call for his special 2K card

A few NBA players have been handing out assists to fans over the past couple of weeks on Twitter.

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant helped a student fan get his final exam canceled just from a single retweet. Washington Wizards point guard John Wall joined the assist train as well by retweeting a student fan’s Twitter post in order to get a score of 100 on his class’ math exam. It’s a trend that seems to have been working and gaining steam on social media which sparked the latest post.

One NBA2K fan who plays the basketball video game’s ‘MyTeam’ mode tweeted out to 2KSports marketing manager Ronnie Singh, asking for a Ruby-version of a J.R. Smith player card.

Fan Jesse Ha also tagged Smith’s Twitter account in the post hoping he could get an assist from the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard.

Lo and behold he got an unexpected reply and an endorsement from Smith to give the people what they wanted.

There are many things said on social media about athletes, but this was a fun, classy gesture by Smith to join in on such a fun trend that seems to be attracting fans worldwide.


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