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J.R. Smith To Launch Reality Show Aptly Called “Team Swish”

J.R. Smith has the hardcourt skills and talent. He has, or had, the antics. He has an interesting story about how he turned around his NBA career. He has a whole room full of shoes. But do we know more about him outside of these?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard is about to welcome us all into his life through the scripted reality show titled Team Swish. It will feature Smith and his family along with his bodyguard.

Team Swish will give everyone the chance to become a producer by pledging funds which will eventually allow the show to be streamed for free once it reaches its $450,000 goal.

There are a number of ways to get involved, and for more details on how to join, simply visit Kickstarter’s website which also gives people what the show is all about. People have to know where their money is going, right?

Here’s a short video to get you more interested:

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