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J.R. Smith: "My family comes first"

JR Smith Championship Celebration

Most basketball fans are well-aware of the fact that Cleveland Cavaliers marksman J.R. Smith and his wife, Jewel, gave birth to their daughter, Dakota, five months prematurely.

Smith commented on his daughter’s status after today’s practice session, saying: “108 days in the hospital — doing GREAT.” He also thanked the doctors and nurses for their diligence with his daughter.

Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue commented on the situation this afternoon as well, saying: “I pray for him (Smith) every night.” The second-year head coach knows that family comes first.

Coach Lue stated that it can be easier for Smith to take his mind off of things while he’s playing — a notion that just about anyone can understand.

Smith appreciated what coach Lue had to say about this difficult time for his family and echoed his words, saying; “My family comes first.”

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