Cleveland Cavaliers head coach JB Bickerstaff did not hide his frustrations over what he perceives to be an unfair advantage by Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors following his team’s loss 106-101 road loss to the reigning NBA champions Friday night.

For Bickerstaff, the NBA has to be more stringent when it comes to calling illegal screens, which he believes had cost his team a victory against the Warriors.

“There were some questionable plays that happened down the stretch. Like Isaac Okoro was clearly hit by Klay Thompson on a moving screen, which gives up a 3-point play. There’s no way to defend that. You got one of the best players on the planet with the ball in his hands (Stephen Curry) and clearly if you’re allowed to set moving screens like that, he’s gonna have an advantage. It’s time and time again that it keeps happening. I have yet to figure out what we can do and how we can solve it, but something’s gotta be done.”

Bickerstaff was particularly incensed by the non-call on a brutal screen that Thompson set which left Isaac Okoro crashing to the ground and thus opening enough space for the greatest shooter on the planet, Curry, of course, to drill a 3-pointer with a little over 30 seconds left in regulation. That 3-pointer was especially crucial as it stretched the Warriors’ lead to four to make it a two-possession cushion.

Bickerstaff was right, and while the Cavs can no longer play that game again, at least they were at least vindicated by the contest’s last two minutes report.

The Warriors lead the NBA in screen assists points per game.