LeBron James sat down with former teammate, close friend, and NBA TV guest correspondent Dwyane Wade to answer questions about parenting, the new Big Three, and why he won’t compete in the dunk contest. The chemistry and friendship between the two was evident, and it was clear that the two genuinely care for each other, but that didn’t stop Wade from asking some difficult questions.

Wade asked about the difference between the Big Three in Miami and the new Big Three in Cleveland. LeBron cited playoff experience as a major differentiator between the two. “Our Big Three in Miami was more experienced,” he said, adding that “My Big Three in Cleveland has been more of a learning experience because those guys, Kevin and Kyrie, haven’t experienced the postseason yet.” LeBron spoke highly about the potential for the Cleveland Big Three as well. “What we did in Miami was special, and I think if we can continue to learn and continue to develop, we can be special as well in Cleveland,” LeBron said.

The topic of parenting also came up, with Wade citing the birth of LeBron’s third child, his first daughter, as a changing moment in LeBron’s life. LeBron agreed that there is a difference between raising his sons and new daughter. “To look into her eyes and realize that I have to be the blueprint, the map, the strength, the man in her life that guides her. It’s changed me for sure,” he said. Wade would voice his, and others support for LeBron, saying that whatever his daughter might need, they would be there for. “Uncle D-Wade, Uncle CP, Uncle Melo, we all there for sure,” he said.

Wade also questions LeBron as to why he’s never entered into the dunk contest, although he claimed that he was forced to ask the question. “I did it in high school a couple times, but I’m more of an in-game dunker,” he said. LeBron did express some regret in having never competed, claiming that there have been times when he wished he would have entered. Don’t expect his mind to change at this point, though. “At this point, I’m over the hill now, so it’s over with,” he added.

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