Exterior of James’ Coconut Grove Mansion

When LeBron James moved to Miami to play with the Heat in 2010, he kept his 30,000 square foot mansion in Akron, but also bought a new one in Miami. Bought at $9 million, LeBron put his old home on the market when he returned to Cleveland. This time, at almost double the old price at $17 million! However, after four months on the market and no deals that James saw fit, the price of the house was recently brought down to $15 million.

The three-story, six-bedroom home is set on Biscayne Bay and includes a wine-cellar, movie theater, infinity pool and two 60-foot boat docks. It has an address at 3590 Crystal View Court. Take a look at our gallery through LeBron’s 16,679 square foot, $15 million Miami mansion:

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Imagine walking into this as soon as you open that front door

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LeBron’s Living Room

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LeBron’s Chef Kitchen

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LeBron’s Personal Office

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LeBron’s Personal and Customized Home Theater

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LeBron’s Master Bathroom and Walk-In Closet

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LeBron’s Beachfront Patio

LeBron’s Beachfront Patio

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LeBron’s Mansion Literally One The Beach

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An Exterior View Of LeBron James’ Backyard