This offseason has been a long one for the Cavs, especially after coming up two games short of an NBA Championship. While the time to improve their on-court skills has come, we take a look at some of the vacations they took to get their minds off of basketball. We start with forward Tristan Thompson!

Vacay Tristan Jamaica

Tristan Thompson Visits Jamaica

Vacay Tristan Jamaica 2

Sure, he’s frustrating a lot of fans with his contract demands, but the guy sure knows how to pick a vacation spot. Fresh off of his first NBA Finals appearance, Thompson goes vacationing in the beautiful rainforests of Jamaica.

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Vacay Mozgov tank

Mozgov Visits Museum

Timofey Mozgov decides to go back home to his native Russia where he takes a tour of the Kubinka Tank Museum in Kubinka Russia.

Vacay Mozgov St. Petersburg

He also took a photo in an aircraft of the Kazan Cathedral located in St. Petersburg.

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Vacay Delly Waterfall

Matthew Dellavedova And Girlfriend Anna Schroeder at Niagra Falls

Delly spent a part of his on vacation to Niagra Falls with his girlfriend.

Vacay Delly High Up

Dellavedova Back In Australia

Delly and his girlfriend Anna Shroeder spend time in Melbourne, Australia.

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Vacay Shumpert Israel 2

Iman Shumpert vacations in Israel

Shumpert visits the famous Western Wall.

Vacay Shumpert Israel

Iman Shumpert takes a trip to the Dead Sea.

Shumpert visits the Dead Sea in Israel with fellow NBA players DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi.

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Vacay Kyrie Turks

Kyrie And The Crew Take On Turks and Caicos

Irving has been recovering from a fractured kneecap, but that hasn’t stopped him from hitting up the beaches and soaking up the sun of the Turks And Caicos Islands off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Vacay Kyrie Turks 2

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Vacay LeBron Pool

Lebron James and Kevin Love Go Poolside

Lebron James and Kevin Love were sighted sitting poolside in Los Angeles. It is reported that Love told LeBron his intentions to stay a Cavalier and the pair discussed hoe to better use Love next season.

Vacay LeBron Boat

Lebron James In The Bahamas

Lebron rides a banana boat while vacationing in the Bahamas with Gabrielle Union and NBA stars Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade.

Vacay LeBron Hawaii

LeBron And The James Family In Hawaii

Lebron James and his family take a vacation to the beaches and incredible waterfalls of Hawaii.

Vacay LeBron Hawaii 3

Vacay LeBron hawaii 4

Vacay LeBron hawaii 2