Kyrie Irving has been on the sideliens to start the 2015-16 NBA season. After suffering a fractured kneecap in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last year, Irving was scheduled to miss anywhere from 4-6 months. Irving is approaching the five month mark of his recovery period, and there are still mixed reports in regards to his estimated return date. Brian Windhorst has reportedly said he’s scrimmaging and is doing 3-on-3 workouts with the team.

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Windhorst says he expects Irving back in a couple weeks, likely at the end of November, which is approximately what every Cavs fan was hoping for. After today’s practice, David Blatt made it seem like Irving was not even close to a return yet.

“We’re not rushing things and not letting up from the day-to-day work, but still a ways to go,” he said. “And how much, I can’t honestly tell you, but he’s working at it every day.”

In the meantime, Irving is not expected to join the Cavs on their three-game road tip to New York, Milwaukee, and Detroit. With Irving not present on this road trip, it effectively rules him out of any surprisingly early comeback, but to hear that Irving isn’t close and there’s still no update on a possible return date is sort of not what fans wanted to hear.

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But then again, there really is no point in rushing Irving back as the Cavs have gotten off o a 7-1 start to their season, best in the Eastern Conference, and only behind the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors in the overall standings.

Cleveland begins its three-game road trip on Friday night at the New York Knicks.