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The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Iman Shumpert in a trade with the New York Knicks that also brought J.R. Smith over. Shumpert has now fully recovered from a dislocated shoulder injury he suffered in mid-December, and is looking like his high-flying, sharpshooting self. Let’s take a look at Iman Shumpert’s Top 10 Dunks and Plays of his career, starting with a preview of Shumpert’s abilities at number 10:

10. Ball Is Life Clip

This isn’t an in-game play, but here’s an exclusive BallisLife clip of Iman throwing down the in-between-the-legs slam showing off his major hops as a rookie.

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9. Off The Backboard

The Knicks get a steal and have numbers against the Nets. Melo tosses the oop off the backboard and Iman GETS UP for the two handed slam.

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8. The Cross and the Jumper

Iman pulls a Kyrie and breaks Paul Pierce’s ankles then pulls up for that sweet flow that’s smooth as milk.

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7. Shump Parts the Magic Sea of Defenders

Iman gets around Arron Afflalo and drive hard to the basket against the double team for the slam.


6. Shumpert Reverse

Here’s a powerful reverse jam against the Bucks. Iman fakes going middle, then blows past his defender and takes the baseline for this sweet jam.

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5. The Soccer Assist

Apparently, Iman has some soccer skills too as he kicks an assist to Steve Novak. Whats a kicked ball violation anyways!

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4. Double Alley-Oop

It’s not all about the points though, as Shumpert sets up J.R. for a sweet alley-oop assist on the fast break.


3. No-Look Driving Dunk from Melo

Another impressive dunk following a no look pass from Melo. This slam shows Iman’s quickness in getting to the basket as well as his athleticism with the nasty throwdown.

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2. Flying Put Back Dunk

A STRONG putback against the Pacers in the 2013 Eastern Conference semifinals got the MSG crowd on their feet!

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1. Didn’t See That Coming

Since it’s all about the here and now, here’s a play from just a few weeks ago. Iman caught Carlos Boozer sleeping on D and called for the sideline-inbound alley-oop from Kyrie!