With the Cleveland Cavaliers’ recent struggles, it’s slowly dawning to everyone how much the team needs its starting backcourt.

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Kyrie Irving has a return date in mind but he opts not to disclose it yet. Meanwhile, Iman Shumpert has been reportedly ramping up his rehab and is now ahead of schedule, or at least he’s trying his best to make a return at the soonest possible time.

If I could have, I would have played soon as they took the cast off [on Oct. 14]. I think I’m six weeks out. They said 12-14 [weeks], right? If I can make it at 12, I’m trying to make it at 12. If I can get there right at 12, I’m trying to get there right at 12, but I’m trying to make sure I take my time.

Shumpert’s injured wrist was initially given a 12 to 14-week recovery period which means the earliest that we can expect him to lock down opposing guards is somewhere around December 15.

The veteran defender is a professional and he’s not taking days off even with the injury. He has spent countless hours working out with assistant coach Phil Handy and the focus has been on developing his left hand. Shumpert is confident that when he returns, he will become a much better player offensively with all the work that he’s been putting on his less-dominant hand.

“I better, unless this is all in vain. I definitely feel like I have more control with my left hand. But if you’re not able to use your right, you’re going to find a way [to be productive]. So I’ve been using my left-hand floater and developing a touch. I’m definitely more comfortable using it.”

He is a competitor and he hates the feeling of being helpless as opponents pass by or score over his Cavalier teammates. But he knows that there is a bigger picture ahead of them and being smart is still essential in this period.

I’m coming back when it feels right. I’m not in a rush. We know what we’re playing for.

There’s a lot to look forward to for Cleveland Cavaliers fans and a lot to be wary of for their opponents. Iman Shumpert will be back and he will be better than ever.