Iman Shumpert isn’t one to hide his feelings. He is a throwback NBA personality that will say exactly what he thinks about any given situation.

Since being traded to the Cavaliers from New York, Shumpert and good friend J.R. Smith have never hesitated in stating exactly how they felt when they got that phone call. It was one that cut deep, leaving their longtime ties in the Big Apple behind. Now, Shumpert has pulled no punches again, giving us a piece of his mind when asked about Phil Jackson’s comments surrounding LeBron James and his “posse” remarks.

In an interview with Complex, Shumpert gave a no-filtered response on what he thought about the situation.

In a recent interview, Phil Jackson referred to LeBron James’ business partners as the his “posse.“What do you think about Jackson’s comments?

Shumpert: He always got a comment. It’s Phil Jackson. Whatever.

Did you think it was offensive?

Shumpert: I think Bron would bust Phil Jackson’s ass. If Phil Jackson was in his prime, playing basketball, Bron would bust his ass. I’m glad Phil Jackson got the rings for Chicago. You traded me away from New York, cool. It’s all business, it’s all love, whatever. But I’m a grownup now. You not my hero no more. The Bulls era is gone, Mike is gone, Pippen is gone, you ain’t coaching the Bulls no more. So, I don’t care what you got to say about ‘Bron. I don’t know how conscious he was of that word upsetting LeBron the way it did, but I understand why ‘Bron’s heated.

It’s obvious that Shumpert isn’t afraid to say what others might shy away from. He belongs in a small group of NBA players that actually speak their mind truthfully, about every situation no matter what anyone thinks.

As far as he’s concerned, no one goes in on the King, and Jackson has learned the hard way. Shumpert is one of many that have thrown their support behind the superstar small forward.

It’s safe to say Jackson will think twice before making comments again, and definitely won’t be having pleasantries with Shumpert when the Cavs visit the Knicks this coming Wednesday at the Garden.