If you want to find talent, look no further than the four time NBA Champion Horace Grant. After winning three titles with the Bulls, he went on to win another with the Lakers with Phil Jackson as his coach. He’s even had his brother Harvey, as well as his nephews Jeremi and Jerian, play in the NBA.

TMZ caught up with Horace at an airport in L.A. to talk about LeBron James’ acting and his nephews.

When asked about whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the better actor, Grant didn’t immediately lean towards his former teammate.

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“Uhh, let’s see how much money LeBron’s movie will gross. And then come back and ask me that question,” said Grant while chuckling.

More importantly, Grant predicted that his nephew, Jerian, who was just drafted to the NBA and will play for the Knicks, will lead New York into the postseason this year.

Watch the full video below!