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Hopeless Hawks Center swallows Cavs “unstoppable” shooting

Every year, for the eternity of NBA history, all teams unapologetically believe in their chances; and every year, for the eternity of NBA history, teams who find themselves in a three-game hole have lied to themselves. After a late road rally in Game 3, Cleveland has put Atlanta in that hole once again.

Land of Basketball.com

Land of Basketball.com

History is often a beacon of hope or of hopelessness, but after the Cavs topped their own record for most three-pointers in three games of a playoff series, accepting the latter is now mandatory. When guys like Channing Frye are leading all scorers and shooting 77% from the field, there’s really no room for change in any realm. After Friday’s night collapse, Hawks C Al Horford quite calmly came to terms with this reality:

The only “opportunity” on Sunday will be one for the Cavaliers to take advantage of. No one values rest more than Cleveland, and with three other semifinal contests taking their time, the Cavs can show their appreciation for it once again. Let’s Frye up some Hawks!

Matt Thomas | Cavs Nation

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