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Greatest Series in LeBron James’ Career

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3. 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics

This series is well known for being the first time LeBron James overcame the adversity that was the Boston Celtics, a team that has haunted his basketball career since he came into the league. The LeBron-led Heat did beat the Celtics 4-1 in 2011, but this series had all the makings of a classic. The Heat lost home-court advantage and were on the brink of elimination when they were down 3-2.

James had the infamous Game 6 in which he took over with 45 points and 15 rebounds to force a Game 7 before going back to Miami and sealing the Game 7 victory with 31 points and 12 rebounds. The Heat would go on to the NBA Finals where they’d face the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LeBron averaged 33.6 points, 11.0 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.1 steals, and 1.3 blocks in the seven game series.

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