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Greatest NBA Players Straight Out Of High School

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From 1962 to 2005, the NBA has seen players come out of high school straight to the draft. Skipping further seasoning in the college ranks, these players risk having their potential go to waste if not given the proper nurturing while some are simply too talented that they can become their own man in the grown man’s league by themselves. On that note, we have identified fifteen players who reaped the best benefits after taking the plunge by heading straight to the draft out of high school.

15 – Rashard Lewis

Alief Elsik High, 32nd pick in 1998, Seattle SuperSonics

Coming out of Alief Elsik High in Texas where he was named Mr. Basketball during his senior year, Rashard Lewis was selected 32nd overall by the Seattle SuperSonics. It took two excruciating years before Lewis finally found his niche in the NBA. His rare combination of length and shooting accuracy earned him 2 All Star game appearances.

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