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Greatest LeBron James’ Playoff Records

Drew Hallowell | Getty Images

LeBron James has easily become one of the best players in NBA history. Not only has he shown up during the season, but he’s upped his game incredibly for the playoffs.

Here’s a look at the top 10 playoff records from LeBron James, starting with number 10:

10. LeBron James Playoff Games: 158, Boston Celtics Roster: 139

LeBron’s got more playoff games than the entire Celtics roster at the start of the playoffs, which is crazy when you actually think about it. His leadership roles will definitely serve a purpose in this upcoming NBA playoffs run. With star players such as Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving enduring zero playoff games over their respective careers, there will be times when LeBron will need to step in and use his experience to lead the team in order to ensure a Cleveland championship. James is now at 178 career playoff games.

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