Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Image

The Atlanta Hawks came into the Q with a completely different mentality than their first visit to Northeast Ohio earlier this season. Tonight, the Hawks avenged their blowout loss a month ago, defeating the Cavs on their home court, 98-127. Here are the highlights to the Cavaliers blowout loss against the Hawks:

Atlanta got the party going with the first few points, putting up five to our one. But Cleveland felt the momentum shift, and began complete assault on the Hawks. Kyrie and Kevin followed LeBron’s lead as Cleveland burst into flames. The taste of success was all too decadent as the first quarter came to a close, and all players were on both sides of the ball.

{adinserter 2}Up ten points in the second quarter, we began to struggle with the pace and change of play Atlanta had came out of the locker room with. They also came with Shelvin Mack, who dropped twelve of the Hawks eighteen point comeback. While LeBron and Dion put the team on their backs and started beasting for buckets, leaving the Q down five at the half.

Kicking off the third quarter, the Cavs didn’t run the floor with as much confidence, and in turn gave control to the hawks. It seemed for every point we made, the Hawks would see that and raise us two. Kevin, LeBron, and Tristan worked to keep the boys afloat. However the damage was done, and the hawks put themselves up twenty (95-75). And once again we had that drifting look about us. We were present in the game, but not passionate in it.

Last quarter was a nail biting horror show. Too many open looks and uncontested shots. Things got out of hand quickly as Horfer and Scott pushed the Atlanta Hawks lead to thirty with just over three minutes in the game; and at the final buzzer, the Q took a loss, scratching our record to 14-10.

We brought intensity, but not nearly enough.