Cavs Nation’s Matt Thomas

At 1-2, the Cleveland Cavaliers are already at a crossroads. LeBron James expected the team to get off to a rocky start this year, but it has been the Cavaliers have played in games that has people worried. It was an all out debacle Tuesday night against Portland, but there is one trend that should restore the confidence in Cavs fans.
That being that after almost every loss, LeBron comes out with a fury for the next game. After an opening night disappointment, LeBron dominated in Chicago on Halloween night. And after Portland rolled over Cleveland on Tuesday, I fully expect LeBron to do the same thing as he usually does after a loss. Completely, and utterly, dominate. Utah comes in at 1-3 to open the season, coming off a close loss against the Clippers in Los Angeles:

{adinserter 2}A key matchup to watch all night is Gordon Hayward against LeBron James. Hayward is averaging 18.8 points throughout the first four games. One of the most underrated qualities about Hayward is his defense. Kobe Bryant himself said that Hayward was one of the toughest matchups that he has ever faced. LeBron gets to face Hayward tonight head to head.

Kyrie Irving must find his consistency tonight as well. And I’m not talking about putting up thirty points or anything like that. But me needs to move the ball and shoot with accuracy like the Kyrie Irving we all know. He also has a tough matchup with the young but versatile Trey Burke. But perhaps the most important piece for Cleveland to win in Salt Lake City tonight is hustle.

The amount of effort against Portland was staggeringly lazy. Jogging up and down the court won’t do it, especially against a Utah team who charges out of the gates when given the chance. But all in all, this should be Cleveland’s second win of the year. Utah has a lot of young talent, but LeBron should have one of his best games this year. If Irving finds his accuracy, James finds his hustle once again, and Cleveland finds their range, the Cavs will walk out of Utah with a win,

Score Prediction: Cleveland: 94 Utah: 88