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FULL HIGHLIGHTS: Cavs Take Control From Start To Finish, Notch First Win In Memphis, 106-76

Love grabs the rebound, and sends a full court pass to LeBron for the slam! This is what we missed from Kevin Love!

LeBron James grabs the loose ball and dishes to Anderson Varejao. The two make more than a few passes until Andy lobs a pass to LeBron, who finishes the alley oop layup.

After Kevin Love comes down with the rebound, Tony Allen swipes and steals the ball, but goes up for the layup while pulling on Love’s shoulder. It almost looked similar to the Kelly Olynyk pull from the playoffs last season.

Tristan Thompson’s activity was missed during the training camp, and now that he’s back, they can do a whole lot of this.

Jared Cunningham comes into the game, and sizes up the defending Russ Smith. Then he crosses over at the top of the three point line, and finishes with an athletic up and under at the rim.

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