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Front office source calls LeBron James' comments as "brilliant"

LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a current run of three straight losses, losing six of their past eight games. The Cavs have given up an average of 117.8 points a night over their past 5 games, and have allowed their opponents to score over a hundred points in their past 11 outings.

If you mentioned these numbers, keeping the identity of the team anonymous, the reigning champion Cavaliers would be one of the last teams that come to mind.

Among all the on-court mess, LeBron James has amplified the problem by claiming his Cavaliers need another play-maker to complete the roster. A team that boasts three All-Stars shouldn’t need too many more pieces, and just about everyone is criticizing James.

But according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, a Cleveland front office source believes that the timing of James’ words was “brilliant.”

James’ Cavaliers thrive when thrown right into the middle of adversity, proving that on the grandest of stages in last years NBA Finals. The Cavaliers can label themselves as the only team in NBA history that recovered from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, making history in so many ways.

There was no greater adversity to pull out of from last years Cavaliers, who also faced their fare share of struggles. Cleveland made mid-season roster changes, faced multiple injuries and even made head coaching changes in January.

Cleveland obviously persevered through everything they faced, making history and winning a championship. Today’s Cavaliers face the same mid-season hardship, and are led by the same guys that pulled them from out of the doldrums.

If this is all a big plan designed by LeBron James, its genius. Games won and lost in January mean a flat zero to a team that stamps their goal as a title. Losing games in June however, can be devastating to that team.

The Cavaliers have encountered a situation in which it can’t get much worse, but it can get so much better. With a few wins strung together, this team would rise to great heights and expect more and more from each other.

If this was all planned by the King himself it could have dazzling results. But on the other side of things, if this thing caves in and the Cavaliers never recover, we could be witnessing one of the greatest collapses in Cavaliers history.

Keep the faith Cavs Nation, because even in this devastatingly frustrating stretch, the Cavaliers have remained atop the Eastern Conference.

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