LeBron James’ career has been full of electrifying highlights and record-breaking games. This 2015-16 season for LeBron is no different, as the King has only played 10 games, but has already achieved four milestones to add to his illustrious resume. Here are the four incredible milestones he set; we start with number four (all stats taken and credited to Basketball Reference):

4. 6,500 Total Rebounds

LeBron James reached the 6,500 rebound mark, and now has a total of 6,570 career rebounds. He currently stands at number 137 on the all time rebounds list, and is looking ahead to passing these eight players:

136. Joe Smith – 6575
135. David Lee – 6614
134. Sidney Wicks – 6620
133. Jim Washington – 6637
132. Clyde Lovellette – 6663
131. Michael Jordan – 6672
130. Clyde Drexler – 6677
129. Harry Gallatin – 6684
128. LaSalle Thompson – 6689

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3. 9,000 Field Goals Made

LeBron James has taken off in the past couple of games, scoring the ball at will against defenses who have no chance to stop him. LeBron has already made 105 field goals this season and passed Jerry West, for number 24 on the all time field goals made list. LeBron made 624 field goals last season in just 69 games last season, so here are the players LeBron James can likely pass this season if he plays around 72 games.

23. Artis Gilmore – 9403
22. Oscar Robertson – 9508
21. Robert Parish – 9614
20. Rick Barry – 9695
19. Patrick Ewing – 9702

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2. 36,000 Minutes Played

With his 363 minutes played far this season, LeBron James became the 60th player on the NBA’s all time scoring list. James passed Dennis Johnson and Nate Thurmond earlier this season to climb into the top 60 players. Here are the top 10 players that LeBron can pass in all time minutes this season.

59. Rasheed Wallace – 36,243
58. A.C. Green – 36,552
57. Jerry West – 36,571
56. Sam Perkins – 36,598
55. Juwan Howard – 36,654
54. Dikembe Mutombo – 36,791
53. Jack Sikma – 36,943
52. Clyde Drexler – 37,537
51. Allen Iverson – 37,584
50. Antawn Jamison – 37,638

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1. 25,000 Points Scored

LeBron James scored his 25,000th career point earlier this season in a road game against the Sixers. He was the youngest ever to do so. James will pass “The Logo,” Jerry West, in tomorrow night’s game against Detroit with just 10 points for the number 23 spot. He currently stands at 25,183 for his career while West finished his career at 25,192. Here are a few of the greats he can pass on the scoring list this season.

23. Jerry West 25,192
T-22. Rick Barry – 25,279 points
T-22. Reggie Miller – 25,279 points
20. Alex English – 25,613 points
16. John Havlichek – 26,395 points
15. George Gervin – 26,595 points

*Note: Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce rank 17th, 18th, and 19th, respectively, and James’ passing of all three will more than likely come next year if each of them keep a consistent scoring average for the remainder of the season.