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Five Buyout Options For The Cleveland Cavaliers


The NBA has entered buyout season, where players around the league will have their contracts bought out to become free agents eligible to sign with new teams. Some big name players have been bought out these past couple of weeks, including David Lee and Joe Johnson. The Cleveland Cavaliers were reportedly frontrunners to sign Joe Johnson, but he elected to get more playing time and money than a chance to win an NBA championship. Here are a few buyout options the Cavs could consider over the next couple of days.

5. Ty Lawson, 28 years old, Point Guard, Houston Rockets

Former Denver Nuggets standout has had a rough year. He was cited for two DUIs in 2015 and entered rehab, all before being traded to the Houston Rockets. This was supposed to be the move that put the Rockets over the top after an impressive post-season where they made it to the Western Conference playoffs. Lawson and superstar shooting guard James Harden haven’t meshed as expected and the Rockets, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, tried to move Lawson at the deadline, but couldn’t find a taker. If Lawson does get bought out (the Rockets have been in discussion with him for the potential buyout), Lawson will more than likely have a multitude of teams in line for his services. Just a season ago, Lawson averaged 15.2 points a games, and 9.6 assists. Lawson will attract contenders who are looking for depth at the point guard position, and will also attract teams who are out of playoff contention but willing to give Lawson a chance to revive his career. Not known as a good defender or shooter, the Cavaliers probably wouldn’t make a serious push to acquire his services.

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