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First Glimpse: 5 Lessons Learned About A LeBron-less Cavs Team

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Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

#3 Cavs Struggle in Pick-and-Roll

The Cavaliers’ pick-and-roll defense has been great at times, but has also been dreadful other times. Last night, the Cavaliers gave away too many points from their bad pick-and-roll/ pick-and-pop defense, as Ibaka and Durant were found cutting to the basket or popping out for open jumpers as Westbrook and Jackson drew all the attention. In the closing minutes, the Thunder made a smart move running pick-and-roll between Westbrook and Durant, leaving Kyrie to struggle against KD who scored OKC’s final eight points to finish of the Cavaliers. Cleveland’s big men need to hedge out to the ball handlers longer while the off-ball defenders pay more attention to any cuts to the basket. James did help the Cavs in this area, but the whole team still needs to improve.

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