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Dwyane Wade welcomes LeBron James to ‘baldhood’

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In the days following the 2017 NBA Finals, there has been much fuss about LeBron James‘ decision to finally give himself a close-cut haircut.

It has been no secret that James is fighting a personal battle against his receding hairline and thinning hair for several years now. With the four-time league MVP now going with the bald look his former teammate and close friend Dwyane Wade highly approved of it.

This is something that James’ biggest detractors have been heavily riding on his case over the years. The fact that he has finally given in to the harsh reality that his hairline isn’t going to come back is a huge step toward acceptance.

James has spent the vast majority of his NBA career attempting to curtail the receding of his hairline and it has gotten to the point where he can’t do much about it. The only question now is if he’s going to stick to this new look.

It isn’t a complete bald shaved head look, but more of the haircut Kobe Bryant adopted later in his career with it being extremely short but enough so to show where his current hairline lies. Ultimately, there may come a point in time where he shaves all off like his idol Michael Jordan.

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