It’s not every day you get a compliment from the world greatest basketball player, but DeMarcus Cousins has received praise from LeBron James after the pair of all-stars battled it out in Sacramento two nights ago.

Kyle Korver stole the show with his breakout game for the Cavs, but it wasn’t just the sharpshooter that caught James’ attention, as Kings’ big man Cousins proved a load for the wine and gold all night long. Cousins was excellent, dropping 26 points, pulling down 11 rebounds and dishing eight assists, as he was a handful throughout the contest. He commanded a double-team on nearly every post up, and the Cavs had to rely on their entire defensive setup and personnel to handle the Kentucky product.

When asked about the Kings’ superstar after the game, James echoed Warriors utility Draymond Green in saying “He’s the best big man in the game, hands down.”

James’ praise was heard by Sam Amico of Amico Hoops.

It is the ultimate compliment for Cousins, who has trouble of convincing his doubters at times given his reputation. Cousins wears his emotions on his sleeve which can sometimes can get him in trouble, but no one can deny his talent and domination inside the paint.

It’s likely James and Cousins will square off in New Orleans at this season’s all-star game, and James himself put on a preview display in Sacramento, as his Cavs walked away winners with the king dropping 15 dimes on the night.