It took a couple of finals series, one of which is yet to be completed, a two big regular season games, and an altercation between LeBron James and Draymond Green before the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors became very vocal of their dislike towards each other.

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It’s not surprising at all. A lot of pride is at stake in this current finals showdown between the Cavs and Warriors. The scuffle involved the best playmakers and most beloved members of their respective teams.

In Chris Haynes’ recent article for, he talked about how the Warriors believed that the Cavs consciously exerted effort to influence the league’s decision to issue Green a flagrant foul, resulting in a one-game suspension.

The NBA suspended Draymond Green for Monday’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals after assessing him a flagrant foul that put him over the limit and into a suspension. The Warriors claim the Cavaliers whined to make that happen.

Among the more outspoken member of the Cavs is veteran big Channing Frye and he’s obviously not a happy camper when it comes to all the noise coming from Golden State’s end.

My honest opinion? I don’t give a [bleep] what they say. I give no [bleeps] what they say, whatsoever. Like, zero. It’s like, ‘OK.’ I don’t care. I honestly don’t care about anything they say.

Warriors center Andrew Bogut also joined the exchange of statements as he expressed dismay over the Cavs’ handling of the situation.

You knew after Game 4 it was going to be very likely [Draymond gets suspended] with all the stuff coming out from their end. That’s all their coaches and their manager have to do, try and get him out.

I think it’s a double-T [technical] at best. I think LeBron could have been called for four separate fouls on that play. He threw him, stood over him and fouled him again under the basket.

Ronald Martinez l Getty Images

Ronald Martinez l Getty Images

Furthermore, Bogut believes that the pressure is now on their opponent’s’ end because of how the Draymond Green situation transpired; something which Frye and J.R. Smith found hard to fathom given the context of the whole issue. Frye certainly wasn’t a fan of that line of thinking.

That’s almost the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. We’ve got to win one game or we’re going to lose. So, we’re in a one-game series.

J.R. Smith also provided his take on Bogut’s statement.

All the pressure has been on us. We’re the ones that’s been down in the series. What are they talking about? They act like we’re up.

A lot has certainly happened in such a short span of time. The war of words are in full throttle and it doesn’t show any indications of slowing down. But the more important war lies on the hardcourt.

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Even without Draymond Green, the defending champions are still a very dangerous team, and LeBron James along with the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers need to be at their very best no matter who’s on the floor at Oracle Arena, and, hopefully, in the following games.