The Cleveland Cavaliers opened their In-Season Tournament action with a tough loss to the Indiana Pacers, with the final score settling in at 121-116. While the game itself wasn’t all that great for the Cavs, the players walked away from the game quite upset about something that had nothing to do with the outcome of the game, and that was the Pacers In-Season Tournament court.

As part of their initiative to push the new In-Season Tournament as much as possible, each team in the NBA had a new court designed for their In-Season Tournament action. The colorful courts were quite divisive among fans, and it looks like the first live look at the courts didn’t go over well with the Cavs players, with two unnamed players both labeling the court as “disgusting” after their loss to Indiana.

Via Chris Fedor:

“Two Cavs players used the same descriptor when I asked them about the court tonight in Indiana: ‘Disgusting'”

Cavs will be looking to get back on track in their next In-Season Tournament game

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Many fans were curious how the flashy new courts would go over with players who are primarily used to playing on your typical wood-brown courts. While some folks liked the idea, the Cavs clearly weren’t too thrilled with the new design for the Pacers court. The good news is that Cleveland won’t have to play on this court again this season, but the problem is that pretty much every other court is just as colorful.

The Cavs will be looking to overcome their struggles both on the court and with the courts as the In-Season Tournament progresses, or else they could find themselves getting bounced from the tournament sooner than expected. But given their disdain for the Pacers court, maybe that wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Cavs.