Game Four’s have not been friendly to the championship-chasing Cavaliers. Like last year’s fizzle, Friday’s Game Four was layered with panic and pain. In the end, seeing let alone thinking clearly is a bit difficult; but that’s the beauty of NBA replay, something referees don’t do enough:

Sure, stepping over someone isn’t “The Answer” (no pun intended) and it’s only meant to get a reaction, but in what world does that action deserve that response? News flash, Draymond: stepping over someone isn’t a foul, going after the groin is suspension worthy.

Alas, Green escapes with another dirty play with empirical evidence. At this point, the Cavs still don’t have an answer for the defensive breakdowns he’s caused and are probably hoping the referees call a couple moving screens.

Down 3-1, the Cavs are at history’s front door. On the other side could be anything depending on how the last one to three games of the NBA season end.