The NBA has remixed its rosters and tinkered its rules, but the same objective for the league’s reigning champions stands – defend the Land. Still, looking back a month after quenching Cleveland’s decadent drought is a beautiful perspective.

In what was a scramble for the highest honor in basketball, Game 7 of these NBA Finals came down intangibles, or unparalleled instincts. By then, the mind and body could only do so much for the series-killing and odd-defying instincts of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. With some spunk from Tristan Thompson, LeBron had everything he needed to put championship-level players to winning positions. Today, we find footage that confirms his beautiful coaching mind:

While we’re not wired in and questions about the video’s dialogue are valid, the idea of leaving that moment for a 24-year over the NBA playoffs doyen of the decade isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Spelt out with body language and trust, Cleveland’s duo has shown a tremendous amount of chemistry after two seasons. Irving and James’ respect for one another is reciprocated and how they pool intangibles can be terrifying. They can’t be counted out of any matchup.

With or without LeBron on the floor, Irving is Cleveland’s most dangerous scorer. He combines LeBron-like finishing at the rim with JR-like shooting confidence from anywhere, and led the Cavaliers through the first three rounds in scoring, fourth quarter points and offensive rating, per In addition to his unparalleled handles and finishing with a career-high assist-turnover ration, Irving reached the glass ceiling LeBron set for him with focused conditioning and defensive tenacity. Again, he’s 24.

Cavs Nation is not finished with its championship coma, and Kyrie is far from finished with his ascension. Snooze on, Champ Nation.