Kevin Love was the topic of many discussions last year questioning his status in the team – chemistry-wise. After some poolside small-talk, things have been ironed out and, this season, the media has not been as trigger-happy compared to the previous one whenever they see something involving Love that did not fit their idea of team camaraderie.

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But Love isn’t satisfied, as the resurging Cleveland Cavaliers power forward has found another way to fit in. In an Instagram post, Love made sure that he gets included in one of LeBron James’ group photos.

love lebron ig funny photo 2

In case Love’s photo editing skills were too off the charts for your naked eye. Here’s the original group photo that James posted on Instagram.

love lebron ig funny photo

Jared Cunningham had just gotten his contract guaranteed so he probably won’t mind being singled out by Love on this occasion. Indeed, times are good in the land of Wine and Gold.