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Derrick Williams is ready to relinquish his nickname to Deron Williams

After much anticipation, Deron Williams is now officially a member of the NBA’s defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bringing in “D-Will,” as Williams is affectionately known, was a great move by Cavs GM David Griffin and his staff, no doubt. However, there’s just one minor issue that needs to be addressed.

The Cavs already have a “D-Will” on their roster…

Derrick Williams, who recently signed a second ten-day contract with the champs, was using the nomenclature, but now it seems he’s willing to relinquish the title to his elder teammate.


Williams admits that it was a “very, very tough decision” to give up his nickname, but it looks like he’s OK with passing it on to a three-time NBA All-Star. Now, all Cavs fans can do is wait for another distinction to be given to the former number two overall pick. Maybe a unique handshake will be on the way as well.

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