The Miami Heat caused quite a stir recently when they went on an improbable 13-game winning streak. Another thing that caught the attention of many was when they waived Derrick Williams to create a roster spot for Okaro White, who has impressed them since being called up from the D-League.

Asked to give his thoughts about the lack of interest he got after clearing waivers, Williams admitted he felt disrespected and that he knows he has to prove himself worthy to be part of a team’s roster, via Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal.

“I took that as a little disrespectful. I’ve got a little chip on my shoulder now.”

“I kind of put myself in this predicament. I asked for the release from (Miami) and I put myself in a 10 day. So I’m not worried about anything after that.”

The former second overall pick of the 2011 draft also revealed how excited he is to be part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is the first winning team he’s been on. He even shared what he saw in his new teammates as soon as he went inside the team’s locker room.

“Since I’ve been in the NBA, I haven’t been on a team with a winning record. It’s definitely a different feel every single time. This is my first day, but you can just feel the energy as soon as you step in the locker room. Everyone is ready to play. That’s the championship mentality everyone has here.”

“I didn’t leave New York to sit on the bench in Miami.”

“I’m still learning, man, A lot of people in this league really get counted out way too early. I have a lot of game left.”

Despite the Cavaliers long being rumored as looking for another playmaker behind Kyrie Irving, they couldn’t help but pass up on the chance to sign the talented 6-foot-8 forward. Should he continue providing quality minutes for the team in the remaining days of his contract, he will give himself an opportunity to be signed long term and force the Cavs to waive Chris Andersen to create that roster spot needed.

With that option, the Wine and Gold would still be able to sign a point guard and keep Williams at the same time. Should everything go according to plan, they will have the best possible lineup to defend their title once the playoffs begin in mid-April.