Breakups can be messy and Derrick Williams’ time spent with the Miami Heat did not go as planned.

But it was mutual respect prevailing when Williams was released by the Heat in early February.

Williams had this to say about Heat president Pat Riley when the day came, via The Palm Beach Post:

“It was just mutual respect,” Williams said of his tweet regarding Riley. “I think we were both on the same page. It was never like, ‘I’m on this side of the fence, you’re on this side of the fence.’ I just think it was a mutual parting and I think that’s the best thing about it. He felt where I was coming from and I felt where he was coming from, and I think that was the best thing.”

Williams added this after the Cavs played the Heat last night:

“Every day it was very difficult [to not get playing time],” Williams said in the AmericanAirlines’ visiting locker room before the Cavaliers lost to Miami on Saturday night. “But you got to be professional, that’s what this league is about. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but there are 29 other teams out there that are watching.

“So I never want to it to be, ‘There’s a reason why this guy isn’t playing.’ It wasn’t because of my attitude, it wasn’t because of anything like that. If anything, I felt like I was probably one of the best teammates that they’ve had just because I never complained about playing time.”

It’s always nice to see something like this work out for both sides. The Heat have actually moved on and are really having a terrific season while Williams is fitting in nicely here in Cleveland.