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Deron Williams: The Cavs never practice

Deron Williams

Deron Williams has had an interesting start to his time with the Cavaliers to say the least. The former all-star was trusted with a potential game-winning shot on his first outing with the Wine and Gold on the road to Boston, and was a part of the Cavs resurgence in February which saw them create NBA history nailing 25 three-pointers on the road against the Hawks.

Williams is now experiencing an indifferent start to the month of March with the Cavs, and the honeymoon stage is well and truly over.  The Cavaliers have turned their focus on finishing the last stretch of the season in convincing fashion heading into the playoffs.

The Cavs have been stuttering as of late, but they know health has been an issue all season long, and it’s most important they have their full roster fit and firing come post season time.

There are many factors as to why the Cavs are just 2-5 in March, but new recruit Williams may have revealed a reason as to why the Cavs need more time than expected to acclimate all their pieces and get everyone on the same page. Turns out, according to Williams, the Cavs never practice.

It’s completely understandable that the Cavs haven’t practiced much at all this season. The NBA schedule is grueling and unforgiving, and often players are resting their bodies in order to go again just a night or two nights later. The Cavs have the oldest roster on average in the association, and their rest is much more vital than the average NBA team.

With this experience also comes the ability to practice less and still get results, as seasoned veterans understand what is required and can build chemistry without actually taking to the floor in a physical sense.

Team captain LeBron James and Williams have already gone ways in building their chemistry without practice, as they’ve watched film and tried to implement these things on the court whilst they play with each other.

It seems as though it’s only a matter of time before the Cavs are healthy and firing on all cylinders. With the playoffs around the corner, they will look to stay healthy as well as hang onto the number one seed when the business end of the season arrives.

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