Even after a historic night featuring Donovan Mitchell breaking the all-time Cleveland Cavaliers scoring record, Cavs players had Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin on their minds.

The Bills defender went into cardiac arrest during Monday Night Football and had to have his heart restarted in the middle of the field. Bills and Cincinnati Bengals players watched helplessly hoping that their peer would wake up.

Mitchell made sure to end his press conference after his 71-point night, which would have been purely celebratory under any normal circumstances, with a message praying for Damar Hamlin’s recovery.

“Prayers up for the Bills safety, man. I heard about it. I didn’t see it,” said Donovan Mitchell. “I wish well for him and his family. We’re praying for him. Kevin Love actually hit me on it and made sure from the Cavaliers organization, we want to wish the best and praying everything goes well.”

Kevin Love sauntered into his interview already clearly in a somber mood as he began his media session with exchanges relating to Damar Hamlin and any latest status updates on his condition.

Professional athletes truly put their bodies on the line night in and night out in order to perform at the highest level in sports. You see some truly breathtaking moments like Donovan Mitchell’s 71-point night and remember why sports are amazing. We saw the other side with Demar Hamlin’s tragic incident.

Injuries are an accepted part of the game. It’s a different story when an in-game incident threatens a player’s life. Here’s to hoping Hamlin recovers and wakes up to the love and support his friends, family, and his fellow athletes have shown him.